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Production Services

Quality production is the foundation of a successful publication. True Vine's commitment to high quality production while maintaining the author's full input and control...

Editorial Services

Enjoy the comfort and confidence of knowing that your work has been edited by
professionals who understand the art and technique of writing...

Designer Services

It is true: people do buy a book by its cover. For a competitive edge get your book cover design and interior layout to be customized by True Vine's professional designers...

Marketing Services

Successful authors understand that to be a "best-selling" author, they must focus their attention on the "selling" aspect of the business...

Consulting Services

Becoming an author can be overwhelming. True Vine is committed to personal relationship and helping to build our clients' careers with consulting and educational services...


Quality production is the foundation of a successful publication. True Vine's commitment to high quality production while maintaining the author's full input and control...

True Vine is a high quality book producer with a mission to help independent authors produce their books in the most affordable and profit – producing means. Our prices are set to ensure immediate profit and success.



Starting at $300

  • Standard eBook Layout (without pictures)
  • Basic Front Cover Design
  • eBook Distribution through major distributors iBooks, Kindle, SonyReader, Kobo


Starting at $1500

  • 100 – 300 Paperback books (up to 150 pages)
  • Professional Cover Design
  • Customized Layout,
  • Registration: Copyright, ISBN, Barcode,
  • Promotion on Company Website


Starting at $3,000

  • 400 Books Paperback Books (up to 175 pages)
  • Professional Cover design
  • Customized Layout,
  • Registration
  • eBook Conversion
  • eBook Distribution on iBook, Kindle, SonyReader, Kobo
  • Promotion on Company website
  • Distribution on
  • 30-day Marketing Plan/ Marketing Plan Journal


Starting at $4,995

  • High Quality Book Design and Production 1,000 BOOKS  (Total Investment per book: $4.99 ea. )
  • Marketing Resources  (You can’t build without the right tools)
  • Educational Resources

* This price is good for books that are up to 200 pages with black text and gray scale photos.


  • Mr. Bond and his highly talented team went above and beyond to make my publishing experience a success. As a first time author, I needed someone to work with me, not just for me. From our very first conversation, Mr. Bond did just that. He welcomed my feedback throughout the entire process. I had an extremely tight deadline, less than a week to get the layout, cover, and printing done. Mr. Bond and his staff worked around the clock to make it happen. I am beyond impressed with the level of professionalism and work ethic given to my book. True Vine Publishing exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working together again on many more books to come!

    ---Teri N. Harrison---

    Attorney & Business Coach
    Nashville, TN

  • True Vine Publishing was a blessing from God; they came highly recommended by one of their other authors. I found True VinePublishing to be personable, professionaland well versed in the trends of thepublishing field. It is a blessing to know that the publisher who has been so actively involved in my works is a child of God.

    ---Leah A. Brown---

    Author/Poet/Motivational Speaker
    Mt. Vernon, NY

  • My experience with True Vine Publishing has been nothing less than awesome. The finished product does not come without the highestattention to detail and satisfaction for everyone involved. You definitely get the feeling they are connected and divinely placed to do what they do.


    Author/Motivational Speaker
    Loganville, GA.