TranscriptionStandard (Typewritten)  $ 3.10 per page/ Difficult (Handwritten)   $4.00 per page

  • Convert text into a working digital file.
  • Turn-around: 10-15 business days depending on our work queue and the complexity of your work.

Color Image Scanning:  $5.00 per item

  • Scan images at 300 dpi or higher, and insert them into your manuscript during the formatting process.
Ghostwriting: $50 per hour with a minimum of 100 hours
  • Conduct weekly interviews (phone, electronic, virtual, or in-person)
  • Write and edit manuscript until completion
  • 2 Amendments allowed
Printing: Customized Quotes
  • We print any quantity
  • All binding styles
  • Specialized covers
  • No minimum for paperbound books
  • No less than 200 Hardcase books.

Interior Revisions: 

  • Four (4) Proofs before finalizing the manuscript
  • Three (3) Revisions after the manuscript has been approved.
  • 10 Corrections free. $25 per page after 10 free corrections.

Publisher errors will be corrected at no charge. 

Cover Revisions (Text):

  • Three (3) Cover Drafts will be offered as needed
  • After final approval, additional changes will be charged $75

A proofreader will examine the text for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos, and grammar

Line Editing w/o Comments: $.050 per word (15,000-word minimum)

An editor will address syntax and word choice and make changes for improving the overall readability of the work. Changes will be made directly to the document.

Developmental Editing: $.075 per word (15,000-word minimum)

  • An editor will help to develop the structure and focus of the manuscript.
  • Suggest or make direct changes to content, titles, subjects as needed.
  • Address syntax and word choice

All-inclusive Editing: $.09 per word (15,000-word minimum)

  • Includes all editing services: Proofreading, Line Editing, and developmental editing.

Design Package 1 The Economy Package: provides author with a simple design using fonts and ONE medium-sized, unaltered Royalty-free image. This is a good choice if your budget is the only thing keeping you from getting your book published.

Design Package 2 Professional Package: The professional Package includes MULTIPLE full-size Royalty-Free images in the design. Our design team can do whatever it takes to alter and blend foreground and background images to make them work best for your cover. EXAMPLE: The sample shown has a photo background that needed Hebrew text added to make it look like part of the photograph. If you have a very specific photo you want, and we don’t have it in our stock library, we can order it.


Custom Package: The Custom Package provides unique, custom illustration(s) or possibly a photo shoot of a specific person or item.

Marketing Plan and Strategy: $750

  • Consulting with the client to identify the target market
  • Research to find out where the target market can be reached
  • Strategy and plan to reach and market to the target market
  • Customized Press release,
  • Customized 6-month marketing plan,
  • customized event matrix,
  • List of 5 local book stores,
  • creation of a marketing media kit
1. Event matrix consists of listed vending opportunities, dates, and times only.
2. Media kit will be provided in digital format only. The author will be responsible for printing and packaging.

Press Release Creation: $150
  • The press release will be written by a professional who knows how to shape your project and make it fit with current affairs.
Social Media Set up: Customized According to Need
  •  Profile Creation on all major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel)
  • Account maintenance
  • Page design
  • Regular market-focused posts
Book Warehousing and Fulfillment Services: Fees below
  • Climate-controlled warehousing
  • Timely fulfillment services
Fees paid by the author include:
* Warehousing fee: 1x fee of $0.50 per book warehoused
* 10% commission on every book shipped on behalf of the client
* Shipping
All must be paid before books are shipped.

Pre-publication Consultation: Make sure you know what you’re getting into with True Vine’s personal pre-publication consultation. In this consultation (face-to-face or phone) a True Vine professional rep will discuss your vision, assist in:

  • Defining your target audience
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Creating a package that fits your needs

You will also receive audio of True Vine University Tele-seminars that help give you a headstart on the publishing process.

Manuscript Coaching: Writing a book can be a difficult and intimidating process. With True Vine Manuscript Coaching, a professional will consult with the author once per week for up to 10 weeks via direct communication, telecommunication, or electronic communication. The coach will review that week’s writing, give input, and assign changes and/or additions. This service will allow the writer to be informed of structural problems, congruency, and other major problems that may exist during the development of the book. In most cases, manuscript coaching reduces the time and expense spent on editing.

Publishing Coaching: This service provides a year of coaching and assistance at your disposal from a team of Publishing and PR professionals. True Vine Publishing Coaching is perfect for:

  • Helping authors in creating customized press releases for specific events
  • Getting direction on approaching radio and television  exposure
  • Advice on setting up book signings
  • Developing Social media and electronic media blitz
  • Having a teammate to walk with you to a successful publication.

Marketing and Promotion Consultation: With this service, a team of industry professionals will work with the author to open new markets for the author to sell books; bookstore placement, book tours, radio and television exposure, and more. This is a great service for serious “Authorpreneurs”. The author will have the choice of a regional or national plan. The True Vine team has combined 60 years in book publishing, bookselling, and Marketing experience.

  • Regional: 200-300 mile radius of your city
  • National:


ISBN: The ISBN provides a standard way to identify your book. All bookstores require your book to have an ISBN and bar code. The ISBN number ties into a catalog of all (registered) books in print. This catalog lists the publisher, access and purchasing information, and descriptive data about each book. True Vine’s ISBN is not a required service although highly recommended.

Copyright: Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works. True Vine will handle the registration of your work with the Library of Congress. True Vine will also register copyrights separately.

Barcode: Barcode allows retailers to measure retail activity at each point in the merchandising cycle – when receiving items into stock, when they are transferred between locations, and when they’re sold. Some retailers uniquely identify each individual item with a barcoded serial number. Large retailers will require your barcodes to have integrity – these will be exclusive identifiers for your product items so your item doesn’t get mixed up with any other item. ISBNs are required to get barcodes.

All registration services are provided for True Vine writers as a bundle package for $150.00