We at True Vine hate to see authors baited into bad deals. The True Vine approach is like no other. Let us show you the differences. 


If you sold 15,734 Copies of your book with:

  • Traditional Publisher: You would earn: $7,500
  • Vanity Press or POD:   You would earn: $94,404
  • TRUE VINE PUBLISHING:  You would earn: $177,794


The Traditional Publishing way is that the Publisher gives the author an advance (most of the time $5,000 or less) and foots the bill for the full project. As a result, they enjoy the bulk load of the benefit. If your book is retailed at $15.00, you will receive 5% royalties of that $15.00 ($0.75) per book sold. Your Publisher claims they invested $80,000 into the project so you’ll need to sell 5400 copies to recoup them. You don’t see any money from that $80,000. Next they have to recoup the $5,000 advance they paid you. That’s another 334 copies. After the company has made $85,000, then you’ll get your $0.75 per copy.  If you sell another 10,000 copies, you’ll make $7,500. Total amount of books sold 15,734 books for $7,500


Vanity Presses and Print-On-Demand (PODs) are the most troublesome. Taking this route seems like the most affordable route, but in the end, you’ll pay TENS OF THOU$AND$more than you should. Vanity Presses and POD companies offer to promote and “sell” your book to the world, but in actuality, YOU are the only person to whom they are selling books. But that’s beside the point. Let’s discuss your investment.

Vanity Presses and PODs offer cheap to free publishing. Of course this is for basic services and you’ll pay more if you want more. However, if you want to just produce a book, you’ll pay $0.00 – $399 to download your manuscript, choose a basic cover, and get your book registered. Here’s where the trap clamps down. The company states they will set the retail price based on their “investment in the production” of the book. The company sets the retail price at $15.00. They offer to give you, the author, a 40% discount to buy YOUR OWN book and resell it.

Now, the good thing is, you will see profit the moment you put your book out. But how much will you pay for that profit? At 40% discount off of $15.00 , you are paying $9.00 per book, giving you a $6.00 profit. Taking the same scenario of 15,734 books sold, you will  PAY $141,606 for books and make $94,404 profit.


True Vine doesn’t play the number games. With True Vine, our prices are up front allowing the author to save and gain the thousands they either never saw with the Traditional publisher, or PAID to the Vanity Press and POD. True Vine charges a 30% commission on an “agreed upon retail price (ARP).” This means  for example: for contract purposes, True Vine and the author  “AGREE” UPON A $7.00 retail price. Of that retail price, True Vine gets $2.10 which is attached to the printing price so the author does not have to worry about paying monthly bills or receiving collection notices. The author is free to charge any price he/she feels. For this example, let’s say the author chooses… ?? You guessed it! $15.00.

The author is then charged the printing cost of $1.60 + ARP of $2.10. = $3.70 per book. Author sees $11.30 profit.
Selling that same 15,734 books, the True Vine way, the author pays $58,215.80 for books and pockets $177,794.20